As if Ariana Grande didn’t have enough public scrutiny to worry about, there’s something else. The “We Can’t Be Friends (Wait For Your Love)” singer’s latest album, Eternal Sunshine, was supposed to kick off a new peaceful era for Grande, but things haven’t gone to plan.

Following the explosive docuseries Quiet On Set: The Dark Side Of Kids TV, Grande has begun to be bombarded with inquiries about her time as a child actor, specifically, her time working under the eye of Nickelodeon producer Dan Schneider. During a taping of The View, host Sunny Hostin, and others questioned Grande’s silence on the allegations in the series and former Nick stars online.

As the panel discussed the damaging accusation of fostering a toxic and abusive work environment (including racism, sexism, harassment, and verbal abuse), many emphasized that Grande should address the claims from her experience on set with Schneider. Before becoming a global music star, Grande’s big entertainment break came through her appearance on Nick’s Victorious and Sam & Cat.

Joy Behar broke through the dialogue to seemingly defend Grande’s lack of involvement. “But what does Ariana Grande have to do with this,” she asked. “Did she even witness anything?”

Hostin pushed back, saying: “She is an adult now. So, is silence complicity or not?”

When the topic was introduced, Hostin shared her thoughts on allyship. “I often tell people if you’re a true ally and if something is happening in a room, if you see it happening to me, a true ally says it at that moment,” she said. “Don’t do that, you should do that.”

Users online slammed Hostin’s comments as insensitive. View a few responses below.

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