When the Austin DIY duo Street Sects began in 2014, their debut release was the first entry in a long-running series of 7″ singles that they called Gentrification. With that first record, Street Sects introduced a harsh, clanging take on industrial music that recalled the transgressive provocations of early Throbbing Gristle and Cabaret Voltaire. Since then, Street Sects have become underground fixtures, and now, eight years after they started, they’re finally getting ready to finish that Gentrification series.

Street Sects have announced that they’ll follow their 2018 album The Kicking Mule with the new 7″ Gentrification V: Whitewashed. That single, the last in the series, is coming out this spring, in time for Street Sects’ planned summer tour with HEALTH and Perturbator. Today, Street Sects have shared “History Is Everyone’s Fuck,” the B-side from that 7″. The song starts out at a seething simmer before building into a noisy, screamy explosion. Its lyrics address someone who uses other people to get ahead: “I applaud your ambition, but let it also be said/ I’ll applaud when you’re dead.” Listen below.

The Gentrification V: Whitewashed 7″ is out 5/20 on The Flenser.