All year long, the Nanaimo, British Columbia-based Zegema Beach Records and their offshoot Tomb Tree Tapes serve up a staggering amount of screamo and related sonic pummeling from around the world. From time to time, they flex a bit by piling a wealth of those bands onto compilations called Zamplers.

The 18th volume, out today, is subtitled ruin your life. It boasts a whopping 54 tracks, including 10 previously unreleased selections from the likes of Anna Sage, Burial Etiquette, Elle, Reverie, and Encarsia, whose contribution is titled “Prog Is For The Children.” There are also heaters from recent Zegema releases by New Grass, Hawak, Demersal, and many more.

If the folk and ambient albums I’ve been posting today are not really on your wavelength, maybe this merciless sonic violence will do the trick. Stream Zampler #18 below.