Brooklyn’s Tree River play a poppy, expansive brand of emo that incorporates everything from rip-roaring pop-punk to twee blog-rock revivalism to twinkly, soaring TWIABP-style epics to late-’90s post-grunge radio hits to bold, breathy dream-pop. Time Being, their new album out today, is produced by Kevin Dye of gates and includes a guest feature from Say Anything’s Max Bemis on “Crossroading.” Its songs are impressively dynamic, building smartly until they overflow with vocal hooks and melodic riffs. Occasionally, they’ll hit you with a surprise flourish like the brass section that pushes “Thought Bubbles” to the heavens. If you don’t mind extremely earnest lyrics like “I’ll trace along your scars/ ‘Cause healing’s a work of art,” this band’s onslaught might just buoy you all the way through your next personal crisis. Stream Time Being in full below.

Time Being is out now on Big Scary Monsters. Buy it here.