Every Thursday this month Tierra Whack has dropped a new EP. Each one of them has been a loosely defined genre exercise, with Rap? giving way to Pop? Now comes R&B?

In an interview with Apple Music, Whack further explained the project:

It’s Whack History Month. Any month I’m dropping back-to-back, it’s Whack History Month, so that’s what we’re doing. We’re just always experimenting and creating in the studio, and it was just one of those things where we had so much music but just all different genres. And we’re just like, “You know what?” And then we would be in the studio sometimes debating on, “Okay, this feels like rap, but then really, it’s pop. And then this feels like R&B, but really, it’s gospel. Or really, it’s gospel, but it feels like… “So we’re letting the fans decide. We’re letting the fans, the supporters, put Rap “question mark,” Pop “question mark.” Is it really? And I started by saying, when I was younger, I would have people tell me, “Yo, you got to stick to one thing, one style.” But it’s like, if this is all in me, I’m an artist. I should be able to express, you know? So, yeah, we’re just doing us. I’m giving you everything. I’m not holding back.

Stream the R&B? EP below.