After a great eight-year run, New Jersey pop-punk cult heroes the Ergs! broke up in 2008. Since then, frontman Mikey Erg has picked up the band’s banner, cranking out a bunch of his own snotty, garagey records. But the Ergs! are now a going concern once again. The band has reunited intermittently over the years, and they released an EP called Goddamn Death Dedication in 2016. Today, they’re back with a new four-song ripper called Time And The Season. It’s their first new release in six years.

Time And The Season is fast and low-stakes. It’s got two new songs, including the early single “Ultimate Falsetto Book.” For the other two songs, the band takes on two ’60s classics. One of those songs, the Zombies’ “Time Of The Season,” has never gone away. The other, the Remains’ “Say You’re Sorry,” is a mostly forgotten garage-rocker. On this EP, though, all the songs — even “Time Of The Season,” a track you’ve heard a million times — come out sounding like Ergs! songs. That’s a good thing. Stream the new EP below.

The Time And The Season EP is out now on Dirtnap Records.