The Callous Daoboys, a seven-piece band from Atlanta, has spent the past few years building a rep as one of the most energetically bugged-out acts on the entire heavy-music landscape. The Callous Daoboys make a kind of math-damaged metalcore that owes something to similarly wild past hardcore bands like Botch, Converge, and the Dillinger Escape Plan. But the Daoboys also venture far beyond that sound, going off in all sorts of unpredictable sonic directions. Today, the band has followed their 2019 album Die On Mars with the new LP Celebrity Therapist. In certain circles, the arrival of this new LP is an event.

On Celebrity Therapist, the Callous Daoboys stubbornly refuse to fall into any kind of groove or pigeonhole. Any given track might have moments of electro-shock screaming before suddenly lurching into a proggy clean-vocal chorus or a brief and fragile instant of glassy ambient beauty. If you’re looking for music that reflects the jagged and overwhelming feeling of present-day life, you should look no further.

You definitely have to be in the right mental space to enjoy Celebrity Therapist, but if you’re there, it’s a trip. We’ve already posted the early singles “A Brief Article Regarding Time Loops,” “What Is Delicious? Who Swarms?,” and “The Elephant Man In The Room.” But individual songs are one thing, and it’s another to launch into the bedlam of the full LP. You can do that below.

Celebrity Therapist is out now on MNRK Heavy/Modern Static.