Water Damage are a Texas-based drone supergroup of sorts. Recording for Gerard Cosloy’s 12XU imprint, the band brings together Mari Maurice aka More Eaze, Thor Harris (formerly of Swans and a billion other things), and members of bands such as Spray Paint, USA/Mexico, Marriage, and Black Eyes. As the pedigree suggests, they’re quite adept at wringing beauty out of ugliness.

Rather than songs, Water Damage deal in lengthy “reels” that spin hypnotic splendor out of harmonic feedback, two drummers, two bassists, and all manner of post-structural sonic manipulation. They’ve just followed up last year’s debut Repeater with 2 Songs, a second LP that indeed comprises two tracks. “Fuck This: Reel 11” is the harder and heavier of the pair, while “Fuck That: Reel 13” gets a bit prettier without letting up on the constant fuzz and clamor. Both recordings last about 20 minutes, and both are immersive experiences that might unbind you from time and space.

Stream 2 Songs below.

2 Songs is out now on 12XU.