This record is filthy. The extremely grimy Bay Area hardcore punk band Spy got started during the pandemic, and they made their name on the strength of their EPs — 2020’s Service Weapon, 2021’s Habitual Offender, their 2022 split with Maniac — and their reportedly-insane live show. Before releasing an album, Spy were already playing to huge crowds and spreading the gospel of ugly and unreformed basement-punk. Now, Spy have an album, so god only knows where they go from here.

Today, Spy released their debut LP Satisfaction. The new album really tests the definition of the word “album,” since it crams 10 short, fast, mean songs into a 13-minute runtime. But does anyone really want a Spy record that’s longer than that? Listening to Spy feels like diving into a swimming pool full of rusty razors. A quick dip is exhilarating, but you don’t want to spend the whole day in there. Just immerse yourself in the nastiness, and then go about your day. We’ve already posted lead single “Big Man,” and now you can stream the whole thing below.

Satisfaction is out now on Triple B Records.