You probably know American Football, and you might know Chinese Football, but are you familiar with football etc.? We haven’t checked in with the Houston emo band (whose name may actually refer to soccer) since their 2015 EP Disappear, and they haven’t released anything since the full-length album Corner in 2017. But they returned last Friday with their first release in five years, a new EP called Vision. It’s worth your time.

The legendary J. Robbins of Jawbox and Burning Airlines produced Vision in Baltimore only a month ago. Lindsay Minton’s vocals toggle seamlessly between a melancholy glide and an energetic surge, backed by pounding yet pensive indie rock, the kind where high-end guitar riffs intermingle over a hard-hitting rhythm section. On the opening track, Minton howls, “And if I die tonight, tell everyone I know/ The last show that I went to.” It jibes well with some of several great peers who also came to prominence in the 2010s, acts like Great Grandpa and Empire! Empire! (i was a lonely estate) and TWIABP — and, yeah, post-reunion American Football too.

Stream Vision below.