When San Diego’s Bent Blue and Philly’s Sunstroke showed up in the same installment of our monthly hardcore column last summer, the former were pegged as circa-’86 Revolution Summer revivalists, the latter described as emo- and pop-punk-adjacent. This weekend they released a split EP that shows off those qualities.

The record contains one original and one cover from each band. Bent Blue follow their own frantic “Shades Of Strength” with a cover of “Three Unkind Silences” by One Last Wish, the short-lived post-hardcore band comprising former Rites Of Spring members Guy Picciotto, Brendan Canty, and Edward Janney (two of whom would later join Fugazi) plus Michael Hampton of the Faith and Embrace. So yes, Bent Blue certainly lived up to their reputation with that pick. As for Sunstroke, their fervent, gutsy, melodically charged “Nineteen” leads into a cover of the Cranberries’ frenzied “Salvation.”

All four tracks are worth hearing, and you can hear them below.