42 Dugg, from Detroit, and EST Gee, from Louisville, are two of the biggest and most exciting underground rappers to break through to the mainstream in recent years. 42 Dugg made a big impact with the Lil Baby collab “We Paid” in 2020, and EST Gee followed him with the big album Bigger Than Life Or Death last year. Both Dugg and Gee are signed to Yo Gotti’s CMG label, and Dugg appeared on Gee’s hit “5500 Degrees,” so it makes sense that they’ve joined forces for a new collaborative album.

Last Ones Left, the new team-up LP from 42 Dugg and EST Gee, is not a particularly ambitious record. Instead, it’s a study in chemistry. On the album, Dugg and Gee both talk street shit over hard Midwest-style beats, and it’s fun to hear them bounce these tracks back and forth. While the two rappers might have a lot in common, their voices are nothing alike, so the album gets a lot of mileage out of the contrast between Dugg’s high-pitched nasal squeak and Gee’s deep grumble.

Listening to Last Ones Left, there’s no evidence that these guys are chasing any kind of pop crossover. Instead, this is a total mixtape-style release. There are tons of collabs on the album, but Dugg and Gee both have solo tracks, too. The rappers who make guest appearances are mostly fellow underground standouts like BIG30 and Tae Money. It’s short, too — 17 songs in 38 minutes. We’ve already posted the early single “Free The Shiners,” and now you can stream the whole album below.

Last Ones Left is out now on CMG/Warlike/Interscope.