Your favorite indie band’s favorite indie band, aka Duster aka the San Jose space-rock trio of Clay Parton, Canaan Dove Amber, and Jason Albertini have surprise-dropped a new album called Together. It’s out officially on streaming services at midnight, but the band released it early on YouTube with each track getting an accompanying video.

Duster’s last album was their 2019 self-titled, which was our Album Of The Week at the time. Prior to that, they were best known for two albums — 1998’s Stratosphere and 2000’s Contemporary Movement — and influencing your favorite indie musicians. Listen to Together below.

01 “New Directions”
02 “Retrograde”
03 “N”
04 “Time Glitch”
05 “Teeth”
06 “Escalator”
07 “Familiar Fields”
08 “Moonroam”
09 “Sleepyhead”
10 “Making Room”
11 “Drifter”
12 “Feel No Joy”
13 “Sad Boys”

Together is out now via Numero Group.