Labyrinthitis is not just the new Destroyer album. According to Dan Bejar, it’s also the final installment in a trilogy, the culmination of what he’s been building toward on prior albums Ken and Have We Met. It’s definitely my personal favorite of Bejar’s recent synth-driven experiments, grand and poppy yet wordy and idiosyncratic as ever. And now, after the release of three early singles, the whole thing is out for the world to hear.

You can do so while reviewing our Premature Evaluation of the album. Also, either as an appetizer or a chaser for your listening experience, check out our latest episode of Callin Me Maybe, which digs into Labyrinthitis and all things Bejar. In addition to thoughts from Ryan Leas and me, we heard from journalist Patrick Lyons, who interviewed Bejar for Stereogum last album cycle, and two of Destroyer’s biggest fans from this website’s hallowed comments section. It was a fun and enlightening(?) time, and you can experience it here.

As for the album, it’s streaming below.

Labyrinthitis is out now on Merge.