The Baltimore trio Yume has a unique take on screamo. Yume are really into melody, and their records often drift off into pretty, spindly indie rock meditations. They also play around with time signatures, sometimes lurching unpredictably. But when it’s time to mash down on the gas and roar, Yume can absolutely do that.

Yume have been putting out records since 2017, and their new EP Ambitious Cards follows 2019’s Fever Scheme and the odds-and-ends tracks that the band collected on a Bandcamp release called Last Year earlier in 2021. (The song from Yume’s 2021 split with Dead Friend Collective is called “Mambo #6,” and that’s just a funny name for a song.) Ambitious Cards, which will apparently be the last Yume release for a while, is a searching and melancholy piece of heavy music, and you can stream it below.

The Ambitious Cards EP is out now on No Funeral Records.