Spotify takes the headlines every year when users receive their annual Wrapped stats. However, considering Apple Music dropped their “Replay” lists for users a few days ago that display essentially the exact same stats, it has created a divide between those who swear allegiance to their chosen streaming path. On social media, users have been not holding back on the memes either.

One user, who was on Apple Music’s side it seems, compared the platform to HBO. And Spotify, well, was Netflix.

Another stepped in to support Spotify, using the Real Housewives Of Atlanta video reaction, where Kandi notoriously accuses Porsha of making things up. “People are really on here trying to say Apple Music is better than Spotify,” they captioned.

Spotify users also felt that the Apple Music crowd, since they already got their Replays earlier this week, shouldn’t be posting their recaps today. This is the Wrapped’s to shine.

And then there are those who, for some reason, don’t have Apple Music or Spotify — but they do have YouTube Music or another streaming service in 2023. They feel even more left in the dust of the conversation.

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