In the prime pandemic time of 2020, Las Vegas musician Stu Folsom put together a metallic hardcore band called SpiritWorld and released the hellacious debut album Pagan Rhythms. That album alone was enough to get attention; SpiritWorld’s whole sound is a theatrical riff-rumble attack, and the LP is a concept album about Satan coming to earth to destroy humanity. Since then, SpiritWorld have gotten more chances to show the world what they can do. They jumped on some dates of the recent Creeping Death/200 Stab Wounds tour, for instance and it turns out that these motherfuckers wear black suits and cowboy hats when they play live. That’s fucking cool! Today, SpiritWorld have announced their sophomore album, and it seems fucking cool, too.

SpiritWorld have signed with the big metal label Century Media. Last month, they teamed up with Integrity legend Dwid Hellion on the single “Moonlit Torture.” Today, they’ve announced that their sophomore LP Deathwestern, recorded with Pagan Rhythms producer Sam Pura, is coming soon. On the same day, Folsom will publish his short story collection Godlessness. And look at that cover art! Awesome!

SpiritWorld have also shared the Deathwestern title track, a full-bore riff-monster with guitar parts that Folsom calls “100% intentional White Zombie worship.” The song comes with an extremely gory horror-movie video from director Todd Hailstone. It’s an impressive production that tells the story of a group of Old West marauders who attack an isolated church, ripping people limb from limb, and of the priest who fights back. Below, watch the insane “Deathwestern” video and check out the album’s tracklist.

01 “Mojave Bloodlust”
02 “Deathwestern”
03 “Relic Of Damnation”
04 “Purafied In Violence”
05 “U L C E R”
06 “Committee Of Buzzards”
07 “The Heretic Butcher”
08 “Moonlit Torture”
09 “Crucified Heathen Scum”
10 “Lujuria Satánica”
11 “1000 D E A T H S”

Deathwestern is out 11/22 on Century Media.