Spiritualized is nearly finished with their Spaceman Reissue Program. This summer, the English rock band will re-release their sixth album, Songs In A&E.

The album was first released in 2008, however, writing, recording, and production was well underway as early as 2005. In 2005, Spiritualized member Jason Pierce, better known as J. Spaceman, was rushed to the hospital with double pneumonia. Finishing the record played a big role in Spaceman’s recovery process. At the time of his release from the infirmary, Spaceman weighed just 85 pounds at 5’10.”

Spaceman would later return to the stage with Spiritualized guitarist Tony Foster at a Daniel Johnston tribute show in London.

“I was underweight and fragile and this was a gentle way of getting back on stage,” said Spaceman in a statement. “It wasn’t my show for a start, and it was a small band, just myself on acoustic and Tony on a Fender Rhodes but it turned out to be really beautiful. Originally it was just going to be the two of us, but we ended up getting the strings and the girls’ choir and because it worked, it led to other things.”

Songs In A&E‘s re-release announcement comes with the videos for “Soul On Fire” and “You Lie You Cheat.”

You can see the videos above and cover art and tracklist below.

Fat Possum

1. “Harmony 1 (Mellotron)”
2. “Sweet Talk”
3. “Death Take Your Fiddle”
4. “I Gotta Fire”
5. “Soul On Fire”
6. “Harmony 2 (Piano)”
7. “Sitting On Fire”
8. “Yeah Yeah”
9. “You Lie You Cheat”
10. “Harmony 3 (Voice)”
11. “Baby I’m Just A Fool”
12. “Don’t Hold Me Close”
13. “Harmony 4 (The Old Man…)”
14. “The Waves Crash In”
15. “Harmony 5 (Accordion)”
16. “Borrowed Your Gun”
17. “Harmony 6 (Glockenspiel)”
18. “Goodnight Goodnight”

The reissue of Songs In A&E is out 6/21 via Fat Possum. Find more information here.