We haven’t heard from Norwegian Band To Watch Spielbergs since 2020, when they put out a one-off Adult Swim singles series track following the quickly plotted release of their 2018 debut album This Is Not The End and the subsequent Running All The Way Home EP in 2019. But today they’re back with a new single called “Brother Of Mine,” a massive wave of energy and earnest noise.

“The main melody and idea of Brother of Mine have been with us in the band for several years,” the band’s Mads Baklien said in a statement. “We have tried on many different choruses, bridges, arrangements and what not, but it was difficult to pull through. But now we feel like we finally managed to make it work. It has this kind of dark, sad eeriness to it that we really like, at the same time as still being a classic Spielbergs type pop- punk/emo/rock song.”

Check it out below.

“Brother Of Mine” is out now via Spielbergs’ new home at Big Scary Monsters/Fysisk Format.