In two short days, the Hudson Valley effects-pedal mashers Soul Blind will release their full-length debut Feel It All Around. For the past few years, Soul Blind have been cranking out EPs, touring hard, and getting better. Soul Blind don’t make hardcore, but they’ve found a home in that scene. If you’ve been to shows in the East Coast in the past two years, then you might’ve seen them multiple times, and you might’ve seen them grow more and more confident up there. This new LP feels like the culmination of all that.

We’ve already posted a bunch of the songs that’ll appear on Feel It All Around: “Stuck In A Loop,” “System (Failing),” “Tribe.” Today, with the album about to arrive, Soul Blind have shared one more, “Bruise The Sore.” Listen below.

Feel It All Around is out 11/11 on Other People.