In October, Sorry dropped Anywhere But Here, an album whose penultimate track was “Screaming In The Rain,” a haunting ballad with a sly bassline and disoriented lyrics, like, “I feel too alien / Nothing’s making sense.”

Now the London-based band want to take another jab at the song. They’ve rereleased it, titling it, “Screaming In The Rain Again.”

“We wanted to make a version that was harder, stronger, faster,” they explained in a statement. “We felt we could show a different side to the version that is on the album, one with more passion.”

This new version had a stronger punch and more momentum. It leans into the sense of disarray and delirium, with sporadic sounds sputtering while they sing. It successfully brings the song to the next level, making it an unforgettable experience.

About having their 2020 debut album 925 overshadowed by the pandemic, Sorry singer, songwriter, and guitarist Asha Lorenz told Uproxx in a 2022 interview, “It was frustrating, but I feel like it was just such a mad time in the world,” she said. “I didn’t really process it that much because it was just kind of so horrible for everyone.”

You can listen to “Screaming In The Rain Again” above.