Dream-pop shoegazers Softcult — aka Canadian twin siblings Mercedes and Phoenix Arn-Horn — are expecting to release an EP, see you in the dark, in about a month. A bunch of excellent EP tracks are already available to hear, including the heavenly post-punk jam “Dress,” the gauzy “Someone2Me,” the grungier “Drain,” and the lushly harmonized “One Of A Million.” Now, Softcult have shared another EP track called “Love Song,” and it comes with a swirly, rose-colored video (directed by Mercedes) featuring an older couple slow dancing to the duo singing, “I get so carried away… I’ll surrender everything.”

“It’s about loving someone so intensely that you find yourself in constant fear of losing them,” Mercedes explains of “Love Song.” “Sometimes love and happiness can feel like these unattainable things that are too good to be true. Once we’ve finally found something our hearts have been yearning for, it’s hard to shake the thought that we will inevitably have to let it go. But these gnawing thoughts can get in the way of us allowing ourselves to be vulnerable, or enjoying our relationships for fear that they won’t last.”

Listen and watch below.

see you in the dark is out 3/24 via Easy Life Records.