Picture of Sir Karl Jenkins

You might recall that a certain coronation of King Charles III took place over the weekend. Prince Harry attended the ceremony but quickly left, and Meghan Markle went for a hike in California. During the coronation broadcast, viewers on social media became convinced Markle was actually there in disguise when they lay eyes on a white-haired gentleman wearing sunglasses and a distinctive mustache. Well, that was actually composer and former Soft Machine member Sir Karl Jenkins. Sorry to disappoint!

“I understand there has been a lot of interest in me since I appeared at the coronation of King Charles III,” Jenkins commented in a TikTok. “I was there because I’d written some music for the service, really. I was quite surprised that some people thought I was Meghan Markle in disguise. Someone wrote I was there, whoever I was, to steal the Crown Jewels.”

Jenkins continues with a laugh, “I look this way all the time!… I’ve had this mustache since I was 18 years old. It was very trendy then. So that’s me. Nothing sinister about it or surprising at all.”

Indeed, the BBC wrote this week that Jenkins had written a “haunting, very Welsh” piece for the ceremony, played by the coronation orchestra and joined by royal harpist Alis Huws.

Watch Jenkins clear things up below.