Singer/songwriter & DJ, Sofi’s a musical triple threat, a triple treat, a triple talent. Her dynamic songs touch on the anxieties of a couple blending their lives and all the humorous and bittersweet journeys we take. Her tunes and vocals are refreshing and effervescent.

"I'm fascinated by the cause and effects of fame.” Sofi said about her latest single Famous. “I was walking down the street one day and thought to myself, what would happen if I became famous? Would people be nicer? Would they like me more? It’s funny because everyone wants to be famous … I knew then it was super relatable and the lyrics and melody just immediately came to me. I’m so excited to finally share this song with everyone.”

You can check out the new single below:

Unlike many pop singers, Vonn writes all of her own material. She’s an audacious talent, someone the music industry hasn’t seen in a long time. A vibrant storyteller, her depth of feeling and love of her craft is evident in every track.

Vonn’s a mentee of famed music executive Charlie Walk – who helped launch the careers of Lorde, Ariana Grande, The Weeknd, among many others. Her powerhouse voice flawlessly conveys her lyrics, which are at once introspective yet universal.

Famous follows on the success of Sofi’s recently released single Songs as well as the stand-alone singles what you started, Ghost, and Best I Can. Her debut EP That Was A Close Call released to much acclaim at the end of 2021.

Vonn is known for her dichotomy of fusing meaningful lyrics with boppy, whimsical beats. A super mixture of pop and electronic flair that inspires you to get up and dance. Fans and those listeners new to Vonn can appreciate her raw approach to music. Famous by Sofi Vonn is no exception.

We’re definitely looking forward to hearing more of Vonn’s original sound … and we don’t have to wait very long.

Famous is Sofi’s second single to release in the build up to her sophomore EP set to drop later this year.
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