Snoop Dogg is trying to buy a hockey team. After purchasing his former record label Death Row last year, Snoop has joined film producer Neko Sparks’ bid to purchase the NHL’s Ottawa Senators. Speaking to The Athletic, Snoop confirmed his involvement in Sparks’ group. “This ain’t no joke or no gimmick. Or an image or likeness play. This is a real ownership play,” he said, “and Snoop will put his foot in the town.”

Snoop came into the picture after Kevin Barkey, Snoop’s “right-hand man,” met Sparks through mutual friends this year. Sparks pitched his plan to Barkey, who relayed the details to Snoop. They hope to assemble the NHL’s most diverse ownership group. Per Snoop, “Once we started talking and building, we formed a plan to partner up and say, ‘Let’s do this together. Let’s join forces and try and get the Ottawa Senators.’ We can make a difference in Ottawa and the NHL.”

After a televised interview with ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith left some in Ottawa wondering whether Snoop’s interest in the NHL was more generalized, the rap legend insisted he’s excited about the Senators in particular: “I want Ottawa because Ottawa wants me. It’s a thriving city. The team is going to make a U-turn once we get ownership. The players are inspired. The community is inspired. I felt like this is what Ottawa needs.”

Snoop says on the wall of his weight room he he keeps a picture of himself wearing an Erik Karlsson jersey at Ottawa Blues Fest in 2014, and he still has a Ray Emery jersey that Emery gave him ahead of the 2007 Stanley Cup final. He added, “Everywhere I go in Canada, it’s always been love, but there’s something about Ottawa. And the opportunity for the team to be bought? It’s impeccable timing right now.”