Back in 2017, Foxing leader Conor Murphy released his debut album under the name Smidley, which offered up a brighter, poppier take on his main band’s often maudlin music. Since then, Foxing has moved further toward pop-rock with last year’s Draw Down The Moon. Now Murphy is back with a new Smidley album, his first in the five years since the debut — it’s called Here Comes The Devil, and it’ll be out digitally on November 11. Today, he’s shared the psych-y lead single “Another Devil,” which features St. Louis musician Shinra Knives. Watch a video for it below.

01 “Farewell”
02 “Another Devil”
03 “Do You Still Love Me”
04 “I’m Breaking My Own Heart”
05 “Heaven Knows I’m In Hell”
06 “Table Rock Antichrist”
07 “In Poor Taste”
08 “Canto Of Queens”
09 “Holy Immolation”
10 “Here Comes The Devil”

Here Comes The Devil is out 11/11. Pre-order it here.