Slipknot have officially confirmed that their new drummer is indeed Eloy Casagrande, as had long been suspected by many fans.

Even before the band hit the stage last Thursday at an intimate California show that preceded their Sick New World festival appearance, this felt like the worst kept secret in heavy metal. That, of course, presumes Slipknot were even trying to keep a lid on it.

In a new Instagram post, Slipknot tagged the profiles of eight of nine of their current members, including former Sepultura drummer Casagrande.

That still leaves one mystery member. The identity of the replacement for Craig Jones is still unknown. Fans believed they uncovered major clues recently, digging up the name Jeff from files on the Slipknot-affiliated website Eloy’s name was also part of those findings.

Even during the aforementioned pair of debut shows with Casagrande, Slipknot made little attempt to conceal their new drummer’s true identity. With sleeves rolled up, Casagrande’s unmistakable tattoos were visible for all to see.

Screenshot of the eight tagged profiles in a 2024 Slipknot photo, including drummer Eloy Casagrande

Instagram: @slipknot


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A Game of Heavy Metal Musical Chairs

The confirmation that the masked man behind the kit is Casagrande completes a heavy metal musical chairs of sorts.

In February of this year, Casagrande abruptly left Sepultura after 13 years. It took the band by surprise, especially with a farewell tour on the immediate horizon. He was replaced by Greyson Nekrutman, who departed Suicidal Tendencies for the opportunity to play with the legendary Brazilian band.

Filling the vacancy in Suicidal Tendencies, drummer Jay Weinberg, who was blindsided by his dismissal from Slipknot last year, has since joined the crossover thrash icons.

Thus, the three-way rotation was complete in an exceedingly rare series of events.

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