since last july, i’ve commented on any article about or mentioning H.E.R., to remind all the gummers that in 2021, she wrote and released a song with domestic-abuser chris brown, who has been fucking up women and not apologizing since 2009, when he beat rihanna to a pulp.

i can’t believe i have to add another young artist to my queue. the world is so fuckin’ complicated—but choosing to work with literally anyone but chris brown is such an easy, uncomplicated choice. (obviously there are other terrible people to choose, but those choices aren’t any more complicated.)

he’s violated people and property in 2011, ’12, ’13, ’15, twice in ’16, ’18, and ’19. last year, most recently, he’s got a 20 million dollar lawsuit accusing him of drugging and raping a woman on a yacht in Florida in 2020. like, what the ever-living fuck??

anyone still working with this absolute piece of shit—no matter how talented they are, including H.E.R. and now chloe bailey—are absolutely complicit in his career-funded carnage. he is the living definition of who #cancelculture should justly annihilate, but for some reason he keeps dodging any accountability, and people keep flocking to work with him. so: denounce him now, chloe. do the same now, H.E.R.

@gum staff, i appreciate you publishing her pathetic excuses, and more importantly emphasizing all the terrible shit chris brown has done. thanks!

also the song sucks.