Sharon Osbourne has once again addressed why there was an Osbourne family member who didn’t participate in The Osbournes reality series that made stars out of their children Jack and Kelly during their teen years. Aimee Osbourne is Sharon and Ozzy‘s eldest daughter, who still at a young age opted out of partaking in the popular series.

The topic came up while Sharon was guesting on the Howie Mandel Does Stuff podcast, which the America’s Got Talent host co-hosts with his own daughter. Howie started discussing with Sharon her management career with the topic turning to Sharon’s management of her family members.

Osbourne relayed that she only manages Ozzy now, though she served as a manager for her children when they were in their teen years before they stopped using her in their 20s. That’s when Howie turned the topic to his respect for Sharon and how she handled having a daughter that didn’t want to be part of the family’s new avenue of fame through their early 2000s reality series.

What Sharon Osbourne Said About Aimee Osbourne’s ‘The Osbournes’ Absence

“Yes it was [a discussion] in the beginning,” recalled Sharon, reflecting on when daughter Aimee decided to opt out.

“It was very, very hard on me because we were traveling all over the world, we were doing a million things and Aimee wasn’t a part of it. It made me feel terrible because I didn’t have my whole family,” she added.

“She just didn’t want the attention,” Osbourne continues. “She was 18, that’s a tough age for a girl, and she just didn’t want it.”

How Does Aimee Feel Now?

When Sharon was questioned if anything had changed with Aimee after her initial rejection of the media spotlight, Osbourne responded, “She doesn’t like it, no. She loves writing, she loves singing, but she doesn’t want to be a pop star. She wants to be a professional singer and writer. That’s it. She’s not looking for fame and power. She’s happy doing what she does.”

When Mandel’s daughter suggested that hanging out with her father on a podcast felt different, she asked Sharon if all these years later Aimee had interest in the family’s podcasting venture, to which Sharon replied, “No.”

Sharon Osbourne Guests on The Howie Mandel Does Stuff Podcast

What Sharon Osbourne Has Previously Said About Aimee’s Reality Show Reluctance

Back in 2020, Osbourne also opened up about daughter Aimee’s reluctance to appear on the family’s reality show. Sharon, who was still on The Talk at the time, told her co-hosts, “With Aimee, she doesn’t want to be a celeb. She just wants to do her music and do her creative thing, and feel good about it. That’s it.”

“I understand how she felt,” Sharon added. “It was chaos. You know, we had about 30 crew, 24 hours a day. And the house wasn’t a home anymore. It was a studio. So, I get why she didn’t like it.”

Aimee Osbourne’s Career

While Aimee Osbourne has followed her father into music, she hasn’t really traded on the family name. She’s avoided the family’s media ventures, and in 2010 started working under the moniker ARO (her initials) while recording more synth-y trip-hop-esque music.

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She issued the studio album Vacare Adamaré with her band in 2020 and has been releasing singles since 2015.

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