Scorpions kicked off their 2024 Love at First Sting Las Vegas residency last night with a 17-song set at Planet Hollywood’s Bakkt Theater.

You can see the full setlist and fan-shot videos of the show below.

The legendary German rock band’s first 2024 show featured eight of the nine songs from their multi-platinum breakthrough album Love at First Sting, which recently celebrated its 40th anniversary.

Released in March of 1984, Love at First Sting catapulted Scorpions to superstardom on the strength of singles such as “Still Loving You” and “Rock You Like a Hurricane.” To date the album has sold over three million copies in the United States alone.

The band also performed “Gas in the Tank” and “Peacemaker” from their most recent album, Rock Believer, was released in February 2022. The set also included vintage gems such as “Blackout,” “The Zoo” and “Coast to Coast.”

Scorpions, “Rock You Like a Hurricane” (April 11, 2024)

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Scorpions 2024 Tour Plans

Scorpions’ Love at First Sting Las Vegas residency will continue until May 3rd, after which the group will spend much of the summer touring across Europe. You can get the most up to date show and ticket information at their official website.

Scorpions, “Still Loving You” (April 11, 2024)

Scorpions Setlist — April 11, 2024 at Bakkt Theater, Las Vegas


1. “Coming Home”
2. ‘Gas in the Tank”
3. “Big City Nights”
4. “I’m Leaving You”
5. “The Zoo”
6. “Crossfire”
7. “Coast to Coast”
8. “Send Me an Angel”
9. “Make It Real”
10. “Wind of Change”
11. “Peacemaker”
12. “The Same Thrill”
13. “Tease Me Please Me”
14. “Bad Boys Running Wild”
15. “Blackout”
16. “Still Loving You”
17. “Rock You Like a Hurricane”

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