Aboard their own Summer of ’99 festival cruise, Creed have played their first reunion show, marking their first time onstage together in 12 years.

On July 19 of last year, Creed officially announced their return after sparking rumors that a comeback was indeed happening. Fans were surprised to learn that the band’s first show back would be aboard their own festival cruise and, after it quickly sold out, a Summer of ’99 and Beyond cruise was put on the books.

Of course, land-based tours lie ahead in the summer and late fall as well, ensuring this year will be an utterly massive one for the band.

Adding to the thrill of the reunion show today (April 18) is that it happens to coincide with Mark Tremonti‘s 50th birthday. Toward the end of the set, the boat joined in singing “Happy Birthday” to the guitar icon.

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Fans fathered on deck for a toast as Creed kicked off the voyage with a 4:30PM set, tearing through 16 songs. The energy onstage was matched in the crowd and there was a sense of mutual appreciation and harmony.

Scott Stapp, now 50 years old, sounds no different than his younger self, belting out Creed’s most emotional moments with confidence, dialing it back to a low croon for those more tender elements. The singer and Tremonti exchanged smiles several times throughout the set, and, as the line in “My Sacrifice” goes, “It feels so good to reunite.”

A triumphant return for Creed is a win for rock music and for all who find comfort in their cathartic, reflective music.

See the full setlist directly below and a clip of “With Arms Wide Open” further down the page.

Creed Setlist — April 18, 2024

01. “Are You Ready”
02. “Bullets”
03. “Torn”
04. “My Own Prison”
05. “What If”
06. “Never Die”
07. “Say I”
08. “Weathered”
09. “Overcome”
10. “Faceless Man”
11. “One”
12. “What’s This Life For”
13. “With Arms Wide Open”
14. “Higher”
15. “One Last Breath”
16. “My Sacrifice”

Creed, “With Arms Wide Open” (clip)

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