Motley Crue kicked off their 2024 North American tour on Friday at Atlantic City, New Jersey’s Hard Rock Live, dusting off a Too Fast for Love deep cut and giving their new song “Dogs of War” its live debut.

You can see the setlist and videos from the performance below.

The rockers’ 14-song set was almost the same as the one they’ve been using since embarking on the Stadium Tour in 2022, though they swapped “The Dirt (Est. 1981)” for “Dogs of War” and omitted the Dr. Feelgood single “Don’t Go Away Mad (Just Go Away).”

In its place, they played Too Fast for Love‘s “On With the Show” for the first time since 2015 (although Vince Neil erroneously quipped that they hadn’t played it since 1981 or ’82).

Motley Crue’s 2024 Plans

Motley Crue currently has North American stadium, arena and festival dates booked through October. They’re also going to play a “secret” club show at New York’s Bowery Ballroom on Monday under the name “1981.”

The band also revealed last April that they were working on new music with Dr. Feelgood producer Bob Rock. Bassist Nikki Sixx said the producer was “pushing us hard and bringing out the best in us. Tommy [Lee] is playing his ass off. Jesus, these drums sound huge. [I’ll] probably lay down my final bass tracks in the next few days. John [5] is so fast I’m sure he will get all the songs done in just a few days. But then again, Bob Rock loves those huge walls of guitars so it could take a moment.”

Watch Motley Crue Play “On With the Show” at 2024 Tour Kickoff

Watch Motley Crue Play “Dogs of War” at 2024 Tour Kickoff

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Watch Motley Crue Play “Looks That Kill” at 2024 Tour Kickoff

Motley Crue Setlist — May 3, 2024


1. “Primal Scream”
2. “Too Fast for Love”
3. “Wild Side”
4. “Shout at the Devil”
5. “Live Wire”
6. “On With the Show” (first time since 2015)
7. “Dogs of War” (live debut)
8. “Rock and Roll, Part 2 / Smokin’ in the Boys Room / Helter Skelter / Anarchy in the U.K. / Blitzkrieg Bop / Fight for Your Right”
9. “Home Sweet Home”
10. “Dr. Feelgood”
11. “Same Ol’ Situation (S.O.S.)”
12. “Girls, Girls, Girls”
13. “Looks That Kill”
14. “Kickstart My Heart”

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