After rumors on social media that pop star Selena Gomez and producer Benny Blanco had been seriously dating were met with ridicule by fans, Gomez seemingly confirmed the relationship as she defended Blanco from derogatory comments about his looks.

Several pop fandom accounts had posted about the rumored relationship in recent days after the blind item gossip account Deuxmoi suggested that they had been together since early in the year. Recent social media activity seemed to support this assertion, and a post aggregating this suggestive activity was met with a simple “Facts” from Gomez.

But when fans made demeaning comments about his looks (including someone calling him “unhandsome” — which… geez, crack a dictionary, kid), Gomez began replying to the comments directly calling him “my absolute everything,” “the best thing that’s ever happened to me,” and “better than anyone I’ve ever been with.”

Obviously, these fans seem to believe that Blanco isn’t attractive enough to date Gomez, who is widely acknowledged as a pretty stunning person — especially after she maintained she had “high standards“. But those folks are probably A. single, or B. confuse having high standards with being shallow.

As Selena herself put it, “I will never allow your words to guide my life. Ever… If you can’t accept me at my happiest then don’t be in my life at all.” Well said.

The two musicians have a strong working history, including the 2019 collaboration “I Can’t Get Enough” with J Balvin and Tainy, and both are pretty well known for being funny people. Blanco has ghest-starred a number of times on his friend Lil Dicky’s FX comedy Dave, while Gomez hangs out with Martin Short and Steve Martin solving crimes on Only Murders In The Building. That may very well be all the explanation we need for their bond, as demonstrated by the age-old classic:

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