Selena Gomez‘s new song, “Single Soon,” is proving to be one of the bops of the summer. Though usually known for her slower, more downtempo songs, “Single Soon” features a more celebratory Gomez embracing an impending break-up, looking forward to self-love era.

Speaking of eras, we may be getting a new album from Gomez very soon. Though ahead of the release of “Single Soon,” she revealed that her third album on Interscope (and fourth overall) was not quite ready yet, it seems like Gomez knows the type of sound she wants to encapsulate on this particular project.

In an interview with SiriusXM Hits 1 LA With Tony Fly and Symon, Gomez revealed that much of the album will be more upbeat and happy in tone.

“There’s not one sad song on my album — and I don’t mean that in a way, like, everything is not full of meaning because I think even the most poppy songs can have heart,” she said. “I want that to come across, but I genuinely don’t feel like I have anything in me to write something negative. It just doesn’t match with where I am anymore.”

She continued, saying that she does plan to write more ballads in the future, but this particular project will be more uplifting.

“I live in Sad Girl music world,” she said. “I love that, and I’ll write that music all the time, but I just felt like this album shouldn’t be that.”

You can see a clip from the interview above.

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