Sadurn is a Philadelphia band led by Genevieve DeGroot. It started as a solo project, with some recordings stretching back to 2017, but expanded to a full band a couple years back. Today, they’re announcing their debut album, Radiator, which will be out on Run For Cover in May.

Lead single “snake” is twangy and rambling, as DeGroot spins some reflections around a roiling backdrop. “Honey I was right, I thought about it all night/ I looked the snake right in his face, I’ve seen the way he blinks that eye at me,” they sing. “But I am not afraid, I’ve heard we’re all gonna die In a cascade of system failure or in the blink of an eye.” Check it out below.

01 “snake”
02 “moses kill”
03 “golden arm”
04 “lunch”
05 “special power”
06 “the void / Madison”
07 “white shirt”
08 “radiator”
09 “ice pick”
10 “<---" Radiator is out 5/6 via Run For Cover. Pre-order it here.