The Brooklyn producer and songwriter Anna Schwab is currently recording hyperpop under the name sadie. On the summer solstice, she’ll release her debut EP Nowhere, co-produced by Joe Valle (Wet) and Maya Laner (True Blue & Porches). Last month she released its free-flowing, skittery lead single “4am.” Today, she’s sharing more details about the project and releasing a video for the title track. Schwab’s ping-ponging vocal melody on the track reminds me of a more computerized Caroline Polachek, and she sings it with a casual grace that cuts against the tense and eerie feeling I associate with this genre.

Here’s sadie’s statement on the song:

“Nowhere” is sort of about listlessness, and about the slippery quality of emotions — it’s about feeling a sense of purpose and joie de vivre for a moment, and losing it the minute you feel it. I usually find the minute I name, or recognize, a feeling—it’s gone. And then the memory of the feeling, and the desire to feel it again, makes its absence more acute. I wrote the song in early spring. I find the world takes on a sort of manic happiness and electric hum at the first signs of spring, and it’s always the time of year when I feel the most low. “April is the cruelest month,” as TS Eliot says. So I wanted to juxtapose those feelings with bubblegum melodies and the sort of ice-cream truck inspired synths you hear in the background, to help capture that sense of dissonance.

Watch director Matt Hixon’s “Nowhere” video below, where you can also find “4am.”

01 “Nowhere”
02 “Where You’re Not”
03 “Falling”
04 “4am”

Nowhere is out 6/21 via sadieworld.