Sabrina Carpenter is keeping the pop bangers coming. Her hit single, “Espresso,” is heating up the charts, and she’s certainly not losing her momentum ahead of her sixth studio album, Short N’ Sweet. Tonight (June 6), Carpenter shared the latest taste of Short N’ Sweet, “Please Please Please,” on which, she makes a fairly reasonable plea.

“Please, please, please / Don’t bring me to tears / When I just did my makeup so nice,” she sings on the song’s chorus. As she’s previously said, Carpenter “can’t relate to desperation,” but she’ll be damned if any man is going to make her look stupid.

In the song’s accompanying video, Carpenter is seen in a jail cell, but is bailed out quickly. Upon leaving the jail, she makes eye contact with a handsome man, played by Barry Keoghan, who is being arrested. She later bails him out, however, doesn’t let him leave her sight. She keeps a close eye on him as he robs a bank, and later ties him to a chair and duct tapes his mouth, making sure he can’t escape. She does, however, give him a kiss before walking off.

You can see the video for “Please Please Please” above.

Short N’ Sweet is out 8/23 via Island Records. Find more information here.

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