Last month, the Brooklyn band S.C.A.B. announced their self-titled second album with “Tuesday.” Today, they’re back with another single, the album’s opening track “Why Do I Dream Of You,” a driving and chimingly melodic one that the group’s leader Sean Camargo says “deals with infatuation with a partner that you know is ultimately bad for you.”

“Living in New York City, it was easy to find metaphors to go with this particular situation. Just like my surroundings, this relationship was beautiful in many ways but also decaying and nasty,” he continued. “‘”Green beams of steel whose coat decays and chips away at me’ reflects feeling powerless and struggling to come to terms with the negatives, but holding on to the idealization of us together, which was often manifested in dreams I experienced.”

Watch a video for it below.

S.C.A.B. is out 11/11 via Grind Select.