Last March, Romy Mars became a beloved nepo baby by posting a since-deleted TikTok about being grounded by her parents, Oscar winner Sofia Coppola and Phoenix lead singer Thomas Mars, due to an attempt to charter a helicopter on her dad’s credit card. As of Wednesday, May 22, the 17-year-old has a new claim to fame, as she officially joined the pop girlie ranks with “Stuck Up” and “From A Distance,” her debut songs released as a double A-side single.

Both bedroom pop songs were written by Mars and produced by Claud, a known Clairo collaborator.

The whimsical “Stuck Up” bottles the feelings of an idyllic summer romance, including references to pools and Fourth Of July fireworks, with an expiration date. “It was like a dream or a nightmare,” Mars sings in the lilting chorus. “But I couldn’t wake up / You said I’m too cold to feel fear / And now I’m stuck up.”

“From A Distance” picks up where “Stuck Up” left off — doused in delicious bitterness (“Always gonna be somebody else you’re f*cking seeing / Always gonna be stuck in these eyes I keep believing”) and carried by the relatable cycle of wanting to hang on to someone she should let go.

Mars’ musical debut also marked her return to TikTok. Of course, Coppola was a proud mom on Instagram.

Listen to “Stuck Up” and “From A Distance” below.

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