Rod Stewart was recently booed at his gig in Germany over saluting Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

While performing at Leipzig’s Quarterback Immobilien Arena on Friday (June 14), the British rocker had the Ukrainian flag projected onto the large screen behind him. Fan footage shot of the gig captured loud boos from fans the moment images of Zelensky flashed up on the screen.

Stewart has been a vocal supporter of Ukraine since Russia launched their invasion on the country in 2022. Following the boos from the crowd, the singer went on to perform his 1991 track ‘Rhythm of My Heart’, which he has referred to as his anti-war song and has previously dedicated to Kyiv in recent concerts.


According to The Independent, Stewart told the PA news agency: “I have supported the Ukrainian people throughout this war.

“From arranging for members of my family to take supplies to the country, to renting a house in the UK for a Ukrainian family, as well as employing two Ukrainians as part of my touring crew. So yes, I do support Zelensky and the people of Ukraine, and I will continue to do so.”

He continued: “Putin must be stopped. I’m having the time of my life playing for German audiences, sharing some special memories, and I’m looking forward to playing my remaining dates here.”


In other Rod Stewart news, earlier this year, the singer sold his back catalogue for close to $100million (£79.3million).

The British music legend reached an agreement with Irving Azoff’s Iconic Artists, meaning the company now owns his publishing catalogue, recorded music and a stake of Stewart’s likeness and image rights.