The boys of BTS continue to keep the Army fed. Though the members are each serving mandatory time in the Korean military, they have each been sharing solo albums to tide fans over in the meantime. Today (April 25), member RM announced his second album, Right Place, Wrong Person.

The news arrived via BTS‘ home label, BigHit Music. who issued a statement via WeVerse.

Right Place, Wrong Person is an 11-track album that captures some of the universal emotions that we all experience at some point in life, such as the feeling of being an outsider who doesn’t fit in,” read the statement.

The statement said the album will fall into “the alternative genre” and contain “frank, honest lyrics.”

Right Place, Wrong Person arrives less than two years after RM’s solo debut, Indigo. The album reached No. 10 on the Billboard 200.

At the time of writing, no singles or collaborators for Right Place, Wrong Person have been announced. But we can expect this to be a raw and vulnerable project.

In a November 2023 interview with 032c Magazine, RM opened up about his creative process and his desire to spark change.

“I’m not a narcissistic person, and I’ve always been driven by my own insecurity,” RM said. “I’m a person who has so much dirt, filth, love, kindness, and consideration in me that I feel I would go insane if I didn’t bring it out candidly into the world, in some way. And I’m a person who wants to change something, whether it’s myself, people around me, the industry, or the world.”

Right Place, Wrong Person is out 5/24 via BigHit Music.

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