LA rap oddball Rhys Langston launched the rollout for his new album Grapefruit Radio with the Fatboi Sharif team-up “Progressive House, Conservative Ligature.” Today he’s back with another colorfully titled track. Backed by crisp yet woozy minimalist production from Whose, “Afro​-​Eccentric Character Creation Screen” gives me the same off-kilter buzz I used to get from prime Das Racist.

Featured guest the Koreatown Oddity kicks things off with a verse that culminates like so: “Opposition is met with laughter/ You gonna respect my craft like classic Black actors: Delroy Lindo, Keith David, Clifton Powell/ Young Black and gifted with infinite styles/ No tricks gimmicks or thirty day free trials.” Then Langston grabs the mic and starts his own verse like so: “My political awakening began as a Black kid in a synagogue/ Recitation of ancient rites, turned digital from analog/ Obsessed with consumer tech/ I stayed inspecting specifications on IGN and CNET.”

Listen below.

Grapefruit Radio is expected in September via P.O.W. Recordings.