With over a decade in the game, RAYE is having her superstar moment. Having written for some of the biggest artists — including Beyoncé, whose latest album, Cowboy Carter, features a RAYE co-write on “Riiverdance” — released a critically acclaimed album, and earned a No. 1 on the UK charts, RAYE is thriving on her long-carved path. Tonight (April 6), RAYE made her debut on the Saturday Night Live stage.

In her first performance of the night, RAYE performed “Escapism” from her debut album, My 21st Century Blues. Tapping into her full icon power, RAYE stood front-and-center, accompanied by a full brass band, as she delivered a harrowing account of heartache in a poetic fashion.

Trumpets, drums, and strings gave the harrowing heartbreak anthem a magical, orchestral touch. While “Escapism” has been almost everywhere over the past year, this beautiful rendition breathes new life into the song.

Though My 21st Century Blues dropped over a year ago, the album was nearly 10 years in the making. RAYE has long been open about her struggles with her past label before becoming an independent artist. Now, she is enjoying the long-sowed fruits of her labor, with so much more excellence to come for her.

You can watch the performance of “Escapism” above.

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