The Denver power trio Primitive Man has been making harsh, fuzz-drowned sludge for a decade, and they’ve just announce plans to follow their 2020 album Immersion with a new EP called Insurmountable. The new EP has four songs, and one of those songs is a cover of the Smashing Pumpkins’ Siamese Dream deep cut “Quiet,” which should be cool. Along with the EP announcement, Primitive Man have shared the early track “Cage Intimacy,” and it’s a pretty monumental piece of music.

“Cage Intimacy” is a gnarled, heavy-as-fuck doom epic that lasts for nearly 12 minutes. The track sounds like it’s been locked in a coffin at the bottom of a swamp for centuries and like it’s finally burst loose to enjoy its revenge against the descendants of its captors. The song lurches from slow, noisy trudge to pounding black-metal overdrive and back again. and it never stops sounding ancient and demonic. You will not hear a bigger, uglier song than this one today. Check out “Cage Intimacy” and the Insurmountable tracklist below.

01 “This Life”
02 “Boiled”
03 “Cage Intimacy”
04 “Quiet” (Smashing Pumpkins Cover)

The Insurmountable EP is out 5/13 on Closed Casket Activities.