Kentucky brothers Tanner & Peyton Whitt, AKA RAGS AND RICHES, drop the fiery new single “CROSSFIRE.”

Oozing with confidence, “CROSSFIRE” echoes the sounds of Twenty One Pilots and Thirty Seconds to Mars. The energetic anthem is about the fight to overcome anxiety. Collaborating with fellow Kentucky musician Cody Morgan, the song gives two perspectives on how anxiety can affect us and how to battle it.

Passionate and fearless, “CROSSFIRE” explodes with spirited melodies and crashing percussion. There is nothing subtle about their delivery. Bold and brazen, the anthem highlights the brothers’ shared love of striking guitars, throbbing bass lines, and assertive vocals.

Singing, “Brick by brick I’m building up my empire, break me down I blast back like a supernova,” RAGS AND RICHES declare that they will not surrender. The adrenaline-packed song will take over your whole body with its stomping beat urging you to march forward.

This is the ultimate song to listen to if you need a little dose of fortitude. Tanner shares, “My verse was written from the perspective of how I let others’ words tear me down and Cody’s verse from the perspective of his internal voice tearing himself down through stress and anxiety.”

Together, RAGS AND RICHES and Cody Morgan show that we all experience these suffocating feelings of anxiety and stress. Giving a reassuring nod that everything will be ok if we just keep strong and put up a fight, the band inspires us to never relent.

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