Canadian singer/songwriter Miranda Joan has spent her time during the pandemic reflecting on her life and reconnecting with her roots.

She then put pen to paper and crafted the beautifully contemplative “Home.” Premiering today on Popdust, Joan displays her stunning soulful vocals, which float delicately atop soft, glowing piano melodies and soaring harmonies, building into a toe-tapping, head-bopping beat. Her heart-wrenching lyrics narrate her longing for her family and fear of isolation, afraid of not being able to find a comforting place she can call home now that she has flown the nest.

Miranda Joan – Home (Official Music Video)

The accompanying music video features dreamy, hazy visuals showing the singer wandering around nature, discovering her new surroundings and trying to find peace in her new home. Joan wraps us up in her golden tones and celestial soundscapes. Singing, “Where will I go and what will I see? Where will I find home and where will it find me?” Joan ponders if she’ll ever find her safe space again. Yet despite her concerns, she somehow manages to provide comfort for listeners, showing us that wherever we go, we can make a home for ourselves.

Born in Montréal and raised in Vancouver, Joan is influenced by the likes of Carole King, Erykah Badu and Emily King to name a few. The songwriter transports the listener to a glistening neo-soul world, where everything just feels a little bit better. So get lost in her sweet tones and find your “Home” with Miranda Joan.

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