An escape from reality that takes you on a trip through time and space, “In The Morning” sees Laszlo Jones unveils an atmospheric, uplifting, danceable, and radio-ready single filled with depth and beauty while addressing life’s tragic dichotomy. 

Beirut-based multi-instrumentalist, composer, arranger, and producer Gilles Jan Petersen, better known under his stage name Laszlo Jones, is releasing his latest single and music video, “In The Morning,” a track off his upcoming collection of work, the EP Beyond The Door

“In The Morning” takes the form of an atmospheric, uplifting, danceable, and radio-ready single filled with depth and beauty while addressing life’s tragic dichotomy. Vividly creative and displaying the full range of his talent, Jones continues his musical journey in style with this record mixed by Kane Churko (In this moment, 5 Fingers Death Punch, Ozzy Osbourne, Papa Roach, Skillet, Disturbed) at the “Hideout” studio in Las Vegas, and featuring drummer Ralph Sammins, bassist Michael Buyens, arranger Marcos Barilari, and pianist Michael Arrom. 

The storytelling behind the single is quite powerful, as Laszlo Jones expresses the contrast between the atrocities of a night of modern warfare (bombing and killing) and the calm and gentleness of a morning with rising sun and light breeze. The music video beautifully transposes the concept into screen, capturing a night of ultra-violence between a man and a woman, leading to the murder of the man. In the morning the woman wakes up and goes about her day, dancing it away. 

Freedom seems to be the word that best describes Laszlo’s music and himself as an artist. He released his first record called Banana Nation in France in 2011, with Universal Music, achieving a fair critical and commercial success locally, and topping a million views with his video “Download Me Im Free.”

Born in Beirut from a Dutch and Hungarian Father and a Lebanese mother, Laszlo Jones’ childhood was punctuated by many travels, following the expatriations of his parents, and gave him an exalted taste for adventure, discovery, and freedom. With a composing style characterized by crossover atmospheres, his signature sound lies at the intersection of pop/soul, rock, metal, and electro. 

Free and uncategorizable, Laszlo Jones’ hallucinatory perspectives and the universe, a futuristic dark world tinged with rage and a certain realism are wonderfully incorporated in this new single, poetically and consciously mixing the authentic beauty of the images with the chilling sensation they provide.

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