Praise, the great melodic hardcore band from Baltimore, went silent for way too long. After releasing their Leave It All Behind EP in 2016, Praise went six years without coming out with any new music. Next month, though, Praise will return with the new LP All In A Dream, and they’ve already shared the title track. Today, they’ve got another new song for us.

Praise features Turnstile drummer Daniel Fang, as well as current and former members of bands like Have Heart, Mindset, Champion, Give, and Protester. Their sound is a heartfelt, accessible take on the ultra-sincere DC hardcore of the mid-’80s, with just a hint of power-pop underneath everything. The new song “Hotline To Memory” is a hooky and searching two-minute jam, and it recalls DC bands like Marginal Man and Dag Nasty, as well as kindred-spirit contemporaries like Hüsker Dü. Check out the animated “Hotline To Memory” video below.

All In A Dream is out 5/6 on Revelation Records.