Back in 2017, Post Malone told Rolling Stone that he was getting ready to move to Utah. Since then, he’s been effusive about his love for the state and his home there, but recently, it looked like he indicated he’s moving on. Amid the confusion, though, Malone cleared things up himself.

As Salt Lake City’s FOX 13 notes, during an interview on The Howard Stern Show yesterday (October 17), Malone spoke about his multi-acre property in the Salt Lake area and said he wants “a little bit more” space, adding, “We’re going to expand the Jam Zone a little bit, I guess.”

Stern asked if Malone planned to buy more property around his current spot and Malone replied, “We’re going to go to another state. We have a plan for another state, and we have a plan for a bunker with a bowling alley and a car port and a swimming pool in it. I’m so excited. I’m so excited about it.”

Understandably, this had some people thinking that Malone was packing up and leaving Utah. Last night, those concerns apparently reached Malone himself, as he hopped on X (formerly Twitter) and wrote, “I’m not moving out of Utah y’all [hearts emoji] just getting some more land [face holding back tears emoji] I love living in this beautiful place.”

Check out some clips from Malone’s Howard Stern interview below.

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