There have been a bunch of bands called Lincoln over the years, but the one that’s most relevant to our interests right now is the one that formed in Morgantown, West Virginia in 1992. That Lincoln only lasted for maybe two years, and they only released a few 7″ EPs, but they were still a foundational band in the post-hardcore world. Last year, Temporary Residence collected all eight of Lincoln’s songs for a discography release, and it’s really good. And next month, Lincoln will play their first show since the ’90s.

The occasion for the Lincoln reunion is a punk festival in DC. Actually, “festival” might be too grandiose a term. It might just be an event. As Washingtonian reports, Amanda MacKaye, the sister of Ian and Alec and the longtime organizer of the free shows in Fort Reno park, is helping to organize Reunion Summer, a two-night benefit that’ll bring together a few different generations of DC-area punks while raising money for St. Stephen’s Church, a community space that’s hosted shows since the early days of DC punk.

Amanda MacKaye says, “I’m not a fan of nostalgia, so it’s not meant to be a nostalgic event at all. But time has pushed people elsewhere in the country, their families have changed, and we’re in a space now where we’d like to be able to get people together more.” The two shows will cost $15 apiece. Along with Lincoln, they’ll feature MacKaye’s band Bed Maker and the reunited Virginia band Samuel S.C., along with Bacchae, Continuals, Jackie And The Treehorns, Princessed, and Breezy Supreme. You can find all the relevant info here.